The binding of isaac classic music mod download


Isaac, in all his misfortune, has found himself somewhere in the middle of the demonic pecking order. If he wishes to rise to the top and come out unscathed, he’ll find himself facing a dreadfully powerful, often immense monstrosity guarding every last floor, and those among this new breed of antagonists are unlike any he has seen before. Crafty, full of surprises, and highly animated in any sense of the word, they’re more than happy to make Isaac fight as hard as he can for his freedom.

After all this, do you still feel ready to face the dark? By now, the hatch is open and Isaac has nowhere else to go. Whether he fails, succeeds, or merely accepts his fate is completely up to you, but we hope you’re willing to try your best help him out. He deserves a chance and you deserve to be along for the ride. Go ahead and take the first step down with him. We look forward to seeing you there.

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[Mod] Kinda Classic Music Mod (The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth)

The binding of isaac classic music mod download