Darcy s blackberry tools download

Facts, Tips and tricks for problematic Blackberry10 devices

Android Runtime

Doesn't launch
1) restart device


2) hard reset. pressing the power key down for about 12 seconds
(if you have not done so already) then leave the device for 10 minutes or so and try the apps again. If no help then you probably need to reload the OS as suggested above.


3) deploy an autoloader (backup info, configuration,etc before)

Upgrading OS

Download autoloader i.e Z30__STAz
(do a backup)
execute .exe from windows

Backup tasks

Extract a list of installed apps

 native appninja (export inc BB and android)


native ContactImEx

PIM data (Android)

Mybackup Pro (Android)
Darcys BB Tools (PC)


native BBVE and execute tests
CPU-Z (android) to see hardware info
native toolbox (HugSoft) to see hardware info


Blackberry-Logger-v (PC app)
  Using developer mode connects to android runtime debug,

 From BB10,  Settings, Security and Privacy,  BB Software Logging tool
select external SD 
Y:\bbswlt\bbswltLog  (not plain text)


Glossary/PC software

Darcys BB Tools_DBBT
  Plug USB and enter pin in Windows
  in Darcy Connect to device and Enter pin in
  Backup (app, settings,bin) data  to bbb format
  Installed Apps (sys apps cannot be deleted)


Blackberry Link:
Sync multimedia and move files, documents, backup
Restore factory configuration

Blackberry Blend:
Manage and interact with your BlackBerry device from a computer via usb or wifi

Utility software for PC (Win, Mac, Linux) Firmware, Backup (generate a .bbb file compatible with Link) ,

Snap (.bar)
Free Google Play client, requires sideload.

DDPB (PC, Req. Win, .NET, Java )
App for sideload






Источник: [akperyatna.ac.id]

Backup and restore blackberry using bb Darcy's Tools verion 3 1 0 1

Darcy s blackberry tools download